Business & Intercultural Management in India

India offers immense opportunities for Swiss companies who wish to source services or industrial products, or even want to set up their own manufacturing there. Succeeding in the Indian market, however, is a challenging task!

"If you work in IT, it is fundamental to understand the offshoring business and its issues. On our trip to India, we were not only carefully made familiar with the specific cultural background, but got also the opportunity to visit companies and exchange experiences with high level managers. The trip was demanding but worth every minute spent. My expectations were clearly exceeded."

Jean-Marc Hensch, CEO of the Swiss IT Suppliers Association Swico

"The impressions I took home from this study trip were manyfold. From different business perspectives on outsourcing to cultural and everyday life of indians it was a most interesting experience. Never judgemental or black and white. I would recommend the studytrip to anyone interested in the globalized world, be it critically or openly."

Stephan Christen, Student EMBA General Management

"The study trip to India is a journey into another world. By the intensive contact with local companies and people I got to know a foreign culture and learned a lot about the cooperation with foreign companies and employees."
Marcel Lüthi, Student MAS-IT

"The study trip to India gave me a deep inside-view on doing business in India, but I also got a first picture on its culture, the country and its people. The daily interaction with both, business and people, enriches - I'll be back in this fascinating country for sure."
Micha Troxler, Student EMBA International Management

"The study-trip was a great experience! I was surprised about how much we saw from India during this short time period. We were able to learn a lot of interesting things about the culture and religion of India and came to understand how important it is to know such things, in order to successfully do business with India."
Rafael Kambli, Student EMBA General Management

"Never thinking about visiting India before, I appreciated the additional experiences the journey to India provided to me. Business, culture and hospitality (including the organization by the BFH team) fitted perfectly together so I could enjoy the trip and carry a lot of inspiration back home."
Jeannine Prehl, Student MAS Business Analyst at ZHAW Winterthur