Business & Intercultural Management in India

India offers immense opportunities for Swiss companies who wish to source services or industrial products, or even want to set up their own manufacturing there. Succeeding in the Indian market, however, is a challenging task!

The program is carefully designed to meet each participant’s interests and needs:

  • Meetings with senior-level managers of Indian as well as foreign (including Swiss) companies
  • Visits to world-class business services providers (including IT)
  • Factory tours
  • Cultural immersion, including field trip to the country-side, visits to old bazaars, modern shopping areas, temples and other places of special interest
  • Meeting with start-up entrepreneurs
  • Discussion with faculty members at one of India’s top business universities

You will get in-depth and practical information about:

  • How to create an ideal framework to successfully do business in India
  • India’s business culture and mentality
  • Real-life cases from experienced professionals in IT management and sourcing in India
This business study trip is a joint program of Bern University of Applied Sciences, Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences and MARWAS. It is especially targeted to students of international management programs (executive master).