Business & Intercultural Management in India

India offers immense opportunities for Swiss companies who wish to source services or industrial products, or even want to set up their own manufacturing there. Succeeding in the Indian market, however, is a challenging task!

Program Dates

3 — 10 March 2018 in Pune

Suggested flights

  • Saturday, Zurich – Mumbai, 09:45h – 22:30h, and then onwards in a car with driver to Pune (approx. 3 hours)
  • Saturday/Sunday night, Mumbai – Zurich, 01:20h – 06:15h, with a car with driver transferring you to Mumbai airport
  • If most of the travelers choose this option, we can arrange for a small bus for the transfers

Official Program

Start: Sunday 12:00am at Hotel Lobby
End: Saturday 10:00pm after Farewell Dinner

Hotel Check-In/Out

Saturday to Saturday (no refunds for earlier or later check-in/out)

Preparatory day | mandatory

January 2018 in Zurich

Application Deadline

December 2017


English and German