Dynamics of Long-Life Assets


Do not rash, but Use it wisely: The Dynamics of high value and long-life assets – produced by companies in the EU.

Dynamics of Long-Life Assets: From Technology Adaptation to Upgrading the Business Model

Companies that manufacture and provide services in Europe are facing various challenges due to global trends such as off-shoring, rapid change in the business environment, shrinking investment budgets, supra-national policies, and environmental pressures. Given that the EU has relatively scarce natural and energy resources as well as ambitious social and environmental objectives, companies in the EU have challenges to compete on price. Instead, they must focus on innovation, increase productivity and resource-efficiency, and create high value-added to compete in the global markets. However, it is difficult to innovate when companies have long-life assets, such as heavy machinery, a physical production system, or a certain type of business model. Such long-life assets are developed to last for several years or decades.

Professor Stefan Groesser from the Bern University of Applied Science and his colleagues from 20 European organizations wrote a book, published by Springer, to provide insights about how to upgrade long-life assets. The book provides readers with a better understanding of the factors that influence decisions, and put forward solutions to facilitate the rapid adaptation to changes in the business environment and customer needs through intelligent upgrade interventions. The book features a number of sample cases from various industries including car manufacturing, utilities, shipping and the furniture industry. The book offers a valuable resource for readers interested in the process of upgrading capital-intensive products and services. The book is open access available to the public.


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