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Incoming students

Located in the heart of Switzerland, the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) is a particularly attractive place for foreign students. It is unique in Switzerland not only for some of its Bachelor and Master courses, but also for the opportunity of multilingual study courses.

The International Relations Office of the department "Engineering and Information Technology" is pleased to provide you with advice and support. BFH welcomes its exchange students!

Entry + Stay

Studying abroad, either on a short-term basis or for a complete degree, has many advantages. Not least of this is future attractiveness on the job market. But it also requires thorough preparation: you need to get organized in plenty of time.

Before you can set about organizing  a period of study in Switzerland, you need to make various arrangements concerning accommodation, immigration formalities and residence.

At the interface of medicine and technology, numerous projects in applied research and development are conducted at the BFH. In the centre are over 20 projects that are realised in cooperation with industrial partners, hospitals, research organisations or other universities.