Costs + Financing study

Study costs – other than individual living expenses – comprise examination fees and contributions to learning materials and study trips.

To some extent fees and contributions vary according to course and division. The division secretarial offices are glad to provide information on costs that can be expect.

Application (per application)*CHF 100.-
Immatriculation**     CHF 100.-
Tuition fee (per semester)  CHF 750.-
Examination fee (per semester)CHF   80.-
Fee for social and cultural institutions and for sport (per semester)CHF   24.-
Fee for the Students’ Association VSBFH (per semester)CHF   15.-

Additional costs are entailed including photocopying and material costs, which may vary from one degree programme to the other, and other costs for teaching aids, specialised literature, consumables etc.

*  plus CHF 10.– processing fee in the case of payment via pay-in slip / paper invoice.
** If application leads to immatriculation, the application fee will be credited as the immatriculation fee.