New Eurostars Project E!10538 COMBIMAT


CombiMat, a Eurostars project, has started in October 2016. It targets the development of  a new physical vapour deposition technology for the manufacture of combinatorial material libraries.

CombiMat at ALPS

There is an increasing demand for tools to rapidly synthesise complex new materials (e.g. metallic glasses or high entropy alloys that include many elements) by means of combinatorial thin film libraries ( multiple spatially dependent compositions). The microstructure of such materials is dependent upon deposition temperature, which is thus also a parameter to be optimized. COMBIMAT extends the number of elements and temperatures that can be screened at once, compared to the competition.

The main result of COMBIMAT will be an innovative tested prototype for creating complex PVD combinatorial libraries, including functional software and automated deposition. The prototype and the evaluation results will provide a firm basis for the introduction of a new product based upon the prototype to the market, and for setting the sales price. The existence of this product will facilitate the use of combinatorial libraries, thus accelerating the development of new materials and boot-strapping the demand for PVD combinatorial library production equipment in Europe.