Prof. Michael Lehmann

Study of human medicine 1988-1994, followed by work as a medical assistant in several Swiss hospitals in surgery, paediatric surgery and psychiatry. As assistant developing own databases for guiding patients’ medical histories. 

1999 change to medical informatics (computer science set up of the Swiss Association of Resident and Consultant Physicians VSAO). Development and distribution of applications for medical assistants.

From 2002, joining «Parametrix Solutions AG», first as Head of Project Department, from 2003 in Product Management, and as Managing Director.

Since 2007, activity in the «Semfinder AG» (Product Management, Sales).

Since 2009 part-time employment as a lecturer and expert on medical informatics at Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH). Part-time in various developments in project management and management.

Professor of Medical Informatics since 2011. Teaching in medical terminology and basics, eHealth, IT systems, medical documentation and development of clinical applications for mobile devices.