Research Groups

You will find more detailed information on our activities on the pages of our research groups:

Data Science and Engineering

Our team develops information systems for the capture, management and analysis of data. Besides analysing the ever increasing data volumes encountered, we also gather useful information from a range of unstructured data sources.


The research group E-Government puts its focus on the development of management tools for the public sector. Beside the classical Business Intelligence approach like Data Warehousing, Reporting und Data Mining we also use Semantic Web Technologies.

Identity and Access Managment

In addition to teaching activities, the research group „Identity and Access Management“ (IAM) is getting involved in various international andSuisse research projects with a strong focus on Electronic Identities (notably SuisseID), IAM and Security Configuration Management. In most cases we produce prototypes which serve to validate the theoretical results.

International Management

In addition to teaching, the research group "International Management" addresses the main issues regarding the management of export-oriented companies. We develop methods and tools for the realisation of international strategies and the optimisation of international business processes. Furthermore a central focus is set on publications about international market entry, amelioration of market cultivation of exporting countries, and dealing with risks in international business, for example.

Business Ecosystem Management

The research group «Strategy, Technology and Innovation Management» (STIM) focuses on the development of management methods and tools for the analysis, modelling, simulation and validation of corporate ecosystems. The main focus is on practical projects and publications on topics such as innovation diffusion, instruments for the development of digital strategies and innovation management, as well as the application of simulation methods.