Institute for ICT-Based Management

Mit unseren ICT-basierten Lösungen unterstützten wir unsere Kunden dabei, auf allen Stufen effizient und wirksam zu arbeiten. Gemeinsam mit Partnern entwickeln wir ganzheitliche Konzepte und Systeme für die digitale Zukunft der Schweiz.

Our core competencies are

  • Computer science-based management for companies and local government
  • Set-up and development of e-business structures
  • Transfer of knowledge in the field of Identity und Access Management (IAM), as well as in electronic identities and signatures
  • Conception, implementation and evaluation of data oriented desktop, web and mobile applications
  • Provision, analysis and visualisation of structured and unstructured data
  • Combination of classic  Business Intelligence Methods with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

We develop our solutions together with the project partners and other universities.