Institute for Human Centered Engineering

We combine new technologies with our know-how we have acquired from research projects in an interdisciplinary way to develop new products for industry and hospitals.

The research groups at HuCE (Institute for Human Centered Engineering) have the following core competences:

  • hardware-algorithms, microelectronics, signal processing, control (microLab)
  • image processing, medical image analysis, haptics, biometry (cpvrLab)
  • optics, optical coherence tomography (optoLab)
  • robotics (roboticsLab)
  • numerics,statistics , data-mining (scienceLab)
  • medical engineering, bio-mechanics, intelligent medical instrumentation, electronic implants (BME Lab)

First spin-off companies as Delta Robotics Ltd., AXSionics AG and Axiamo GmbH have emerged from the Institute for Human Centered Engineering HuCE.

ISO-13485 Certified
The Institute for Human Centered Engineering has recently received the ISO-13485 certification for design and development of medical devices.