Institute for Applied Laser, Photonics and Surface Technologies

The institute for Applied Laser, Photonics and Surface Technologies is a research institute of the BFH-TI. Our main research activity is to develop new methods and techniques for saving energy and material during the production of materials and their analysis. We work jointly with our industrial partners to whom we provide solutions for improving the production efficiency of goods, ensuring quality maintenance.  


Watch industry

General Engineering

You need support for materials processing in the field of life science?You want to know how small parts are modified by Lasers and coatings?You are looking for innovative engineering solutions?

Process control

Tool industry

Material & surface analysis

You need optimized or novel materials processing tools? 

You need improved or new properties of your tools?

You need a deepened understanding of materials properties? 

Collaboration between Industry or research institutions and ALPS can be organized in many different forms. Based on the analysis of the needs of the partner different schemes can be chosen: Direct mandate, CTI project, SNF project, international collaboration such as Eurostar or COST actions. The BFH-Industrial Master program also offers very interesting possibilities. Smaller and less urgent issues can be treated in the frame of a bachelor work. 
Do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to find the solution that is best adapted!