Mobile Information Society

Services and applications linking information technology with communications technology (ICT) are increasingly to be found in both our professional and private lives. It is in this  field of mobile communication technologies, applications and (mobile) users that our core competences are focused.

In the “Mobile Communication” specialization, we work out concepts and solutions for mobile applications with hardware and software components. These are disseminated into systems and everyday commodities which continuously exchange and process information on a digital basis in the sense of “ubiquitous and pervasive computing” – be this in business processes or in our private lives. The „ICT-based Management” specialization covers the advancing and, increasingly, mobile IT support provided along the value chain. This creates new productivity potential in companies and institutions, which can be achieved through new approaches of ICT-based management. In the „Identity, Security und Privacy” specialization, we look into and solve questions and problems with a bearing on security. This then gives users the confidence they need to ensure that the mobile information society can successfully develop its activities.