Medical informatics specialists conduct demanding IT-projects with their know-how in medical process- and computer science. They analyze and specify the architecture and conduct the development of medical applications and their integration into the health care environment or lead the production development in software houses.

The professional environment for medical informatics specialists is highly dynamic, in accordance with the medical development  and the health care development in general. We are only at the beginning of a development, which will newly define the health care.
Competitive pressure, cost reduction, increasing efficiency, improved quality and transparency are required and can hardly be realized without medical informatics.

Possible fields of activity:
  • Hospitals: they are building up new medical informatics-departments, where medical applications are obtained, installed, integrated and operated. Accurate knowledge of medical processes is therefore necessary. IT know-how is essential. At the same time project-management is a fundamental tool.
  • Industry: Medical Applications and telemedical administration are the domains of the medical computer specialists in the industrial world. The architecture, specifications and development are conducted or rather managed. Innovation management and production management are further important fields of activity. Project management a matter of course.
  • Authorities: Benchmarking, statistics, architecture of future networking and interoperability of the corresponding data streaming are tasks awaiting the medical computer specialist.
  • Insurances: New innovative services, operating and integrating applications of medical data are in demand here.
  • Consultancy companies: the changes in the health care are constantly demanding new adaptation of the demands and development for their participants. The IT-field has thereby a special significance. Expertise and project management are thus fields of activity, in which medical process know-how and IT-competences are expected.
Above examples demonstrate how manifold and fascinating the perspectives for students of Medical informatics are today and in the future.

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