Quality management

Q-Philosophy of the TI

.... we don’t have a Q-System, we are one!

Our quality management touches upon all areas, all members of the staff and all the students of the TI. For us quality is not a question of faith nor unnecessary luxury, but rather a mandatory attitude of our work predominating TQM-thoughts.

We do not only talk about quality, we live accordingly. Our courses are constantly evaluated and reviewed by means of a uniform procedure. Our lecturers acquire a Swiss accredited certificate of university didactics at the beginning of their teaching activities in order to prove their didactic accomplishment.

Among other things, a successful quality management calls for a profound and process-oriented understanding and behaviour. We specify and verify our procedures at regular intervals and determinedly implement necessary measures for improvement.

Our Quality Management System

Our quality management system focuses on the model of the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management). The EFQM model offers an efficient diagnosing instrument, reflecting upon all important areas of an educational establishment.By regularly carrying out self-assessments, we receive an important insight into our forte or weakness as well as the necessary measures for improvement. The results by these measures are assessed anew, thus a control circuit arises leading to a continuous learning- and improvement process.


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