Business & Intercultural Management in India

India offers immense opportunities for Swiss companies who wish to source services or industrial products, or even want to set up their own manufacturing there. Succeeding in the Indian market, however, is a challenging task!

Join us on this unique trip to learn about the key success factors for doing business in India. 

You will meet executives, project managers, engineers, factory workers, farmers and many interesting people more. Thought leaders as well as practitioners will share their experiences with you and inform you about best practices for sourcing in India.

A visit to one of India’s top business universities will tell you about the future of India’s further political, economical and social development.

Last but not least, an exciting immersion program will enable you to deal with India’s rich culture and complex business mentality. You will embark on a field trip to small towns and villages, visit old bazaars and glitzy shopping malls as well as temples and other places of special interest.