Fit2Procure – international sourcing evaluation tool

The Fit2ProcureTM method supports companies to assess all relevant factors associated with sourcing from foreign countries. Using this method, companies can analyze the appropriate information in order to develop an international sourcing strategy and to make an initial high-level supplier evaluation.

List of the questions used in Fit2Procure™ regarding the high level evaluation of potential suppliers in the target country

  • The questionnaire will lead you through the weighting and evaluation of the following questions. How do you rate the potential communication with this company in terms of quality, delivery, responsiveness? Will it be smooth or problematic?
  • What is your overall on-site impression of the specific supplier? Is there reliable transparency (communication, production, processes, costs…)?
  • Is this a proven supplier with a referable reputation?

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  • How would you rate your importance as a customer? Is the supplier genuinely interested in working with you?
  • Are there any sustainability processes implemented?
  • Is the supplier certified according to ISO standards, e.g. ISO 9001?
  • Is the supplier Incoterm compliant?
  • Is the confidentiality of all agreements assured on the supplier side?
  • How would you rate the actual product quality? Is the supplier willing to send samples? Is there any quality control at all?
  • How do you rate the flexibility of the supplier regarding number of products bought, product changes, safety stock, delivery times, etc.?
  • Is the supplier able to deliver on his promises?
  • How would you rate the labor conditions in terms of fairness and safety?
  • Other questions? Which other factors define for you the quality of a potential supplier?
  • Other questions? Which other factors define for you the quality of a potential supplier?