Fit2Globalize – market evaluation tool for SME

The Fit2GlobalizeTM method helps companies to assess all the relevant factors associated with the business development in an export market. Using this method, companies can analyze the relevant information in order to develop a country-specific market strategy.

The questionnaire will lead you through the weighting and evaluation of the following questions.

List of the questions used in Fit2Globalize™- regarding market attractiveness

  • How is the expected growth of the economy of the export country?
  • How do you asses the political and economic stability of this country?
  • How high is the sales volume in the target segment in the target country?
  • What is the expected growth rate of the target segment for the next five years?
  • How strong is the competitive pressure in the target country?
  • How big are the cultural differences between the target country and the home country?
  • How easy is it to do business in this country?
  • How volatile is the currency exchange rate?
  • Other question? Which other factors define for you the attractiveness of the export market?