SCCER Mobility | Webinar

Zeit:11:15 bis 12:00
Ort:ETH Zurich (HG D 22)
Lokalität: or virtually from anywhere 

New this year SCCER Mobility is hosting a seminar series as a platform for young scientists to present their research projects related to the center.

Along with showing how specific projects fit into the goals of SCCER Mobility and the Energy Strategy 2050, speakers have a chance to practice addressing a broad and interdisciplinary audience. The series also promotes connectivity between the different groups and locations as all talks can be streamed from anywhere.

Seminar Series Fall 2018

ETH Zurich (HG D 22) or virtually from anywhere

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Young Talent Development | SCCER Mobility

Young Talent Development | SCCER Mobility

20 December 2018 | 11.15 - 12.00

Battery-Systems in Railway application - Ongoing and upcoming projects

Christian Vögtli, Research Scientist, Bern University of Applied Sciences

Innovative battery on the rail