researchXchange Burgdorf

Zeit:12:00 bis 12:45
Lokalität: Pestalozzistrasse 20 | Raum E 013 

Cash processing - Banknotes in Motion.

Cash processing is a very interdisciplinary technology. Only if mechatronics, machine firmware, power electronics, sensor technology and data analysis play hand-in-hand in a real-time environment, we are able to provide reliable process automation to our customers. In this presentation, we will focus on a few key points in cash automation.


Andreas Steinlin studied physics and chemistry at the ETH Zürich before obtaining a PhD in laser spectroscopy from the University of Berne. After the PhD he got a job at Talaris for reverse engineering security features on banknotes. In subsequent positions he took over responsibility for several technical projects in banknote processing and the industrialisation and production of banknote processing units in south east Asia. Today he is responsible for the recognition technologies group in Glory’s Berne Innovation Centre.


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