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Zeit:12:00 bis 12:45
Lokalität: Quellgasse 21 | Aula 

Low cost robotic prosthesis for children and adolescents

Accidents and birth defects are the main causes of children hand amputations. In the USA alone, fifteen thousand amputations are performed every year. Precise numbers for war-torn countries are not available but expected to be much higher. Children and adolescents must replace their prostheses often as they grow. Today’s robotic hand prosthesis cost about twenty to thirty thousand Swiss Francs, an unfeasible price for the great majority of potential users.

The presentation will describe Mr. Jaquet’s Master Thesis work, where a low-cost, modular myoelectric hand prosthesis for children and adolescents is presented. The design is based on 3D-printed parts and foresees reusing as many components as possible – such as motors and sensors – during the child’s growth. A neural network takes data from electromyogram (EMG) sensors to determine the desired hand gestures. A control unit commands motors to execute the associated finger motions. The achieved average price for one prosthesis is below one thousand Swiss Francs.


Mathieu Jaquet,  Student / Sicentific Collaborator BFH, Institute for Human centered Engineering HuCE

Mr. Mathieu Jaquet performed an apprenticeship in micro-mechanic in 2008, followed by a technical vocational maturity in 2011. He obtained the BSc in microtechnology and electronic engineering at the He-Arc in Neuchâtel. Mr. Jaquet has just earned the degree MSc in Biomedical Engineering specialized in electronic implants at the University of Bern.



This Seminar is held in collaboration with the IEEE association.


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