Wireless Communications & Secure Internet of Things

With the increase of processing power, the world-wide penetration of the Internet, and the miniaturization of computing devices, we have reached the age of Internet of Things (IoT): sensors sense various forms of data and decentralized processing systems collect, pre-process and distribute data to centralized systems or to the cloud, and, at the same time, control and manage various actuators.

To address these new needs, the group “Wireless Communications & secure Internet of Things” (WiCom & sIoT) focuses on new challenges of components and systems constituting the so-called Internet of Things. Currently, we invest a great part of our effort in establishing a generic siot platform aiming at a high reuse factor for IoT projects. As the “s” stands for security, security and privacy aspects are of upmost concern.

Sensors and actors often communicate with the help of wireless networks. New type of communication patterns are needed for low-energy, low-bandwidth communication between sensors and actors on one hand, and central brokers (such as siot) and the cloud services on the other.

The Wireless Communications part of the group maintains also a separate web site.