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E. Anil Aksöz
Marco Laubacher

FES Cycling

Cycling with a recumbent trike can partially restore lost motor functions of patients with spinal cord lesions. Furthermore, it provides the patients with a very practical and successful basis for cardiopulmonary and muscular training units. The paralyzed leg muscles are reactivated by means of functional electric stimulation (FES) combined with controlled training.

Farouk Chrif

Dynamic Leg Press

Leg press exercise is one of the most effective exercise to strengthen the skeletal muscles of the leg. The device developed in this study is a lower-limb end-effector rehabilitation robot, based on leg-press exercising approach. The target population of the device are children aged 4 to 14 years old. The rehabilitation children robot is using a novel actuation technology based on linear electric actuators.

Jan Riedo


Using the augmented G-EO System, including the CVtool innovations, the aim of this experimental part of the project was to evaluate the feasibility, reliability, and repeatability of augmented robot-assisted end-effector-based stair climbing (called RASC) for cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) in able-bodied subjects, with a view towards future research and applications in neurologically impaired populations. With this aim, the full functionality of the G-EO + CVtool was to be fully and systematically tested.