Research and development projects @ ALPS

Pursuing applied research and development project is an essential part of our mission to support the industrial development and train young engineers and researchers to become efficient actors in the industrial and academic world. The research projects we run can take different forms such as publicly funded project, both national or international or direct mandates. In the large majority these projects are directly related to the industrial application. The industrial sectors and activities we target with our R&D activities are: 

- watch making
- medical supplies and instrumentation
- automotive supply
- micro-machining
- scientific instrumentation
- 3D printing
- Automation and process control

In 2015 ALPS has XX on going projects, involving XX researchers and engineers. Over the last years ALPS generates an annual budget of XX Mio CHF in third party funding.

applied R&D keeping in mind the industrial need of our partners

Projects related to lasers ordered by starting date


Laser patterning of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells on flexible foils for monolithic integration

Partners: FLISOM AG, Zürich; ETH Zürich; Thin Films Physics Group

Financing: CTI