EMPA Laboratory for Mechanics of Materials and Nanostructures. Collaboration in the area of development of new materials, their mechanical properties and thin film processes. Several common projects and frequent exchange of collaborators.

University of Bern  Institute of Applied Physics - Laser Physics . Collaboration in the area of new fiber laser technology, joint PhD supervision and personnel. Collaboration with  ARTOG in the area of cardiovascular engineering.
Laplace, Laboratory for Plasma and Energy Conversion. Collaboration in the field of plasma processes, Germain de Staël grant, joint PhD supervision and exchange of students.

Paul Scherrer Institute , Materials Group. Collaboration in the field of laser structuring.
Leibnitz-Institut für Oberflächenmodifizierung e.V.  Collaboration in the field of laser microstructuring of surfaces.
Collaboration in the field of plasma characterization. Where the GamezLab at department of Chemistry of the Texas Tech University focusses on chemical imaging, the Plasma Surface Engineering lab at BFH concentrates on plasma process development. Despite the different objectives, the tools we employ have much in common!
Alps collaborates with the Laboratory Spiez  of the Federal Office of Civil Protection (FOCP), in the field of microfluidics for the detection of toxic substances
ALPS collaborates with different departments of the Berner Fachhochschule:
With the department HAFL, school of agriculture forest and food science, in the field of local impedance spectroscopy of properties of emulsions
With AHB, the department for architecture and wood, in the area of plasma treatment of wood and chemical analysis.

Alps actively participates in the National Thematic Network, NTN Swiss Photonics. Prof. V. Romano is  vice president and member of the executive board.

Alps actively participates in the National Thematic Network, NTN, Innovative Surfaces. Prof. P. Schwaller is  member of the expert committee. Prof Th. Nelis participates in the work of the Praxis Circles Innovative Surfaces and Hard Coatings.

ALPS is member of the Competence Center for Drug Development and Substance Testing, TEDD.

With Prof M. Baak as member of the central steering committee, ALPS is an active member of the Swiss Society of Surface Technology.
Member of the European Technology Platform Photonics 21
Member of the Swiss Society for Optics and Microscopy SSOM
Member of the steering committee of the European working group for glow discharge spectroscopy (EW-GDS) 



Collaboration with Alemnis AG for the development of in-situ nano-indentation.
Collaboration with Ionautics AB for the development of pulsed high voltage supplies

Collaboration with Platit AG in the area of hard coating development

Collaboration with NeoCoat in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, CH, for the development of nano crystalline diamond thin films.
Alps collaborates with Sairem, FR, in the area of the development of microwave plasma sources. Sairem received the SFV Innovation award 2015 for the micro-wave sources Alps uses.
Application laboratory for Time Bandwidth Products
Alps collaborates with Mantis Depostion, UK,  in the area of thin film deposition processes and equipment.