equipment for metallurgy

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Metallurgical studies

Desktop SEM for large samples, Phenom XL

  • Carbon/Sulphur analyser Horiba EMIA-320V
  • Nitrogen/Hydrogen combustion analyser Bruker Galileo G8 N/H
  • Dew point measurement instrument
  • Leak detector (He and Hydrogen)
  • Reflected-light microscope Nikon Eclipse LV150A (max. magnification 1000x) with image analysis software
  • Stereoscopic zoom microscope Nikon SMZ1500 (max. magnification 112x)

Glow discharge spectrometry GDOES

  • Equipment for preparation and etching of metallographic specimens (including electro-polishing and -etching) :
  • Ripper: Struers Discotom-2
  • Mounting press: Struers LaboPress-3 (Ø30mm)
  • Modular grinding machine: Struers LaboPol
  • Standard grinding and polishing machine: Presi P230
  • Advanced grinding and polishing machine: Struers Tegramin
  • Electric polisher: LectroPol-5