equipement for measuring mechanical properties

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Mechanical properties

  • Universal testing machine Zwick (1 kN - 200 kN) with contact-type extensometer for tensile, compression and flexure tests
  • Small tensile testing machine zwicki (1 N - 2500 N)
  • Impact testing machine 300J (Charpy impact test)
  • Universal hardness tester Gnehm SM600 (Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell-C hardness)
  • Low-load Vickers hardness tester Future Tech FM-300
  • Indentation hardness tester Fischerscope HM2000 (loads from 4 to 2000 mN, Nanoindentation)
  • 100kN universal testing machine
  • 50J impact testing machine
  • hardness tester (HV, HRC)
  • low load hardness tester (HV)