Lasers Fibers Surfaces

Heat treatment and ovens

Vacuum furnace "Schmetz IU"
Continuous belt furnace "SOLO"
High temperature furnace "GERO"

  • Tilting furnace (1050°C) with quenching basin for micro parts
  • Test reactor for plasma assisted heat treatment
  • Diverse laboratory type furnaces for thermomechanical treatments and tempering 

Mechanical properties

  • Universal testing machine Zwick (1 kN - 200 kN) with contact-type extensometer for tensile, compression and flexure tests
  • Small tensile testing machine zwicki (1 N - 2500 N)
  • Impact testing machine 300J (Charpy impact test)
  • Universal hardness tester Gnehm SM600 (Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell-C hardness)
  • Low-load Vickers hardness tester Future Tech FM-300
  • Indentation hardness tester Fischerscope HM2000 (loads from 4 to 2000 mN, Nanoindentation)
  • 100kN universal testing machine
  • 50J impact testing machine
  • hardness tester (HV, HRC)
  • low load hardness tester (HV)

Metallurgical studies


  • Carbon/Sulphur analyser Horiba EMIA-320V
  • Nitrogen/Hydrogen combustion analyser Bruker Galileo G8 N/H
  • Dew point measurement instrument
  • Leak detector (He and Hydrogen)
  • Reflected-light microscope Nikon Eclipse LV150A (max. magnification 1000x) with image analysis software
  • Stereoscopic zoom microscope Nikon SMZ1500 (max. magnification 112x)

Glow discharge spectrometry GDOES

  • Equipment for preparation and etching of metallographic specimens (including electro-polishing and -etching) :
  • Ripper: Struers Discotom-2
  • Mounting press: Struers LaboPress-3 (Ø30mm)
  • Modular grinding machine: Struers LaboPol
  • Standard grinding and polishing machine: Presi P230
  • Advanced grinding and polishing machine: Struers Tegramin
  • Electric polisher: LectroPol-5 

Equipment for surface characterisation

new!!!  Ellipsometer

  • Reflectometer FILMETRICS F20-UV for optical coating thickness measurement and determination of refractive index of dielectrical thin coatings, for coating thicknesses between 1nm and 70µm, spectral range; 200-1100nm
  • confocal microscopy; SENSOFAR, Neox

Thin film deposition equipment V2

Balzers BAK600 e-beam
Modern microwave plasma  for PE-CVD
Nano Crystalline Diamond coater
Hi-Wave plasma sources  

  • Leybold-Heraeus Z400 DC & RF-Magnetron sputtering
  • Magnetron Sputtering (Balzers SCD 040)
  • Balzers BA 360 / 478 evaporation system
  • Mantis 600 multipurpose reactor
  • DC, RF  plasma sources for PVD

Clean room 

Process control and diagnosis

High Speed ICCD camera  (10 ns) 

Acquisition and control electronics

  • High resolution spectroscopy (8 pm)

Laser systems

  • DUETTO II. Ps-System
  • DUETTO I. Ps-System
  • IPG ns Fiberlaser @ 532nm
  • Coherent CO2-Laser
  • Verdi

ISO 6 Cleanroom facility

  • Controlled atmosphere (20°C, 50% rH)
  • PVD equipment: electron beam evaporation, sputtering
  • Lithography and wet etching facilities
  • Plasma treatments of surfaces

micro-structuring and machining

  • Tempress Omega Junior diffusion furnace: dry and wet oxidation of silicon
  • Alcatel GIR 300 Rapid Ion Etching RIE
  • EVG 101 Spin Coater
  • EVG 420 Mask Aligner for UV lithography
  • Wet workbench (cleaning, development, etching and resist removal)
  • Carl Süss ABM for anodic bonding of Si on Pyrex
  • Wirebonding device (outside the cleanroom)
  • Diener Pico device for plasma treatment