Thomas Nelis

Profession: physicist
Academic: PhD (1989), HDR (2008)
Date of birth : 16 June 1959, 
Place of birth: Leverkusen, DE
Nationality : German

Position: Professor 
Division: TI-MNG
Institute: ALPS

Current research activity in the field of Plasma Surface Engineering, Plasma Process Development and diagnosis, thin film deposition.

Teaching: physics and its application to engineering

Since August 11BFH, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Bienne, CH
Professor, Plasma Surface Engineering, Analytical spectrometry
Dec' 09 to Aug'11University of Albi, FR lecturer associated to the « ERT 2000 Diagnostic des Plasmas Hors Equilibre ». Spectroscopic diagnostics of radio frequency glow discharges for material analysis. Integration of the University of Albi to the European network GLADNET
Dec '07 to Nov '09CNRS, Laboratoire LaPlaCe Toulouse, FR, UMR 5213, Senior researcher associated to the GREPHE group, directed by J.P. Bœuf, application of pulsed discharges to material analysis.
Sept' 06 to Dec '07 EMPA Materials Science and Technology, Thun, CH. Group leader for micro-analysis; GDOES, rf-GD-ToFMS, Raman spectroscopy, in the  Laboratory for Mechanics of Materials and Nanostructures.
Oct '03 to Sept '06EMPA, Thun CH,
Visiting scientist (25%) in the field of Glow discharge Spectrometry, thin film analysis. Active participation to the creation of two european projects EMDPA and GLADNET
July '01 to April '02Surface Analytical, Bundeena Aus, Consulting and preparation of scientific publications.
Sept '90 to Aug '91CNRS, Aimé Cotton Laboratory, Orsay, FR
Research in the field of molecular physics.
Oct '89 to  Sept '90MIT, Cambridge, USA, group of Prof. R.W.Field :
Post doc, financed by "Alexander von Humboldt" foundation, Bonn, DE Collaboration with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NISTBoulder Colorado, USA.
In both laboratories : Molecular spectroscopy, study of transition metal hydrides, Born-Oppenheimer approximation.
Jan '89 à Sept '89University of Bonn, DE, Institute of Applied Physics, Research assistant, responsible for the development of the theoretical work of the group; infra-red laser spectroscopy of free radicals.