Plasma Surface Engineering @ ALPS

PLASSITEC: a Germaine de Staël project


With PLASSTEC academic research at Laplace, FR, and applied research at ALPS, CH, join forces for a collaborative project on Plasma Surface interaction.


PLASSITEC aims at fostering international technology transfer between French and Swiss research partners. The ultimate goal is to make research results on plasma-surface interaction available for industrial partners in both countries.


The topic of the project is on plasma surface interaction, i.e. thin film coating and surface functionalization. The particular interest of this project lies in complementary know how of the two groups involved. Where the Laplace provides specialist know-how in plasma physics, processes and reactor design and research, ALPS provides specialist know-how in material science, surface characterization, analytical application of discharges and general engineering.


PLASSITEC has lead to progress on several issues related to our on going joined reserch work : The effect of plasma treatment on the wettabiliy of  hard wood has been proven and shown to be durable over several days. Electronic equipment for plasma process control has been developped. The growth of collumnar ZrO using microwave CVD has been related to the plasma power. Last but not least several young researches have made international research experience. Check in again, work in progress....

Microwave assited CVD is a  research subject in both Biel-Bienne and Toulouse


More results on plasma surface interaction are expected during this project, in particular concerning the adhesion of thin films, leading to applications various industrial sectors. Such as aeronautics, automotive, watch making and MedTec.


Funding trough:
SWAT Programm Germaine de Staël


Univ. Paul Sabatier, LAPLACE, Toulouse, France