Mihai Gabureac

Profession: physicist

Academic: PhD (2004)
Nationality : Rumanian

Position: senior scientist
Division: TI-MNG
Institute: ALPS

Current research activity in the field of Plasma Surface Engineering, with specialist expertise in areas such as 3D Metrology, micro fabrication, electric and magnetic properties of nano devices and surface treatment.

Since Mai 13senior scientist, BFH, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Bienne, CH
Plasma Surface Engineering,
Apr '13 - nowSenior Scientist, ETH Z├╝rich, CH; Department of Materials, 
Responsible for the Micro- et Nanofabrication of magnetic sensors:
  • Setup and development of surface treatment processes in FIRST/ETH and BRNC/IBM: deposition of metallic et ceramic thin films, lithography and etching; surface characterization and 3D metrology; 
  • User support and mentor in FIRST; 
  • Design and commissioning of a highly customized UHV sputtering deposition system for shadow mask deposition (tender call). 
Jan '08 - Nov '12Scientist EMPA; Laboratory for Mechanics of Materials and Nanostructures, Thun, CH

Working on several CTI and EU (FP7) projects with different topics:
  • -development of new Pb-free materials for soldering /joining at low temperatures of electronic chips/dies; control of hydrophilic/ super-hydrophobic surface wetting contrast (EU-FP7 FAB2ASM); 
  • development of applications and testing of in situ Gas Injectors;
  • development of applications and testing of an in situ AFM (CTI); 
  • integration of a Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer in a dual beam FIB-SEM (EU-FP6 FIBLYS); 
  • fabrication of a magnetic sensor prototype for lab on a chip detection of super-paramagnetic nanoparticles (EU-FP6 BioNano-Switch).

Other tasks:
3rd party fund raising;
Project management, leader of a small team (5-8 collaborators);
Design and commissioning of a hybrid deposition system (magnetron sputtering, e-beam evaporation and PE-ALD);
Setup of external collaborations & networking.

Sept' 05 - Oct '10Universtiy of Leeds, Condensed Matter group, Leeds, UK
postdoctroral researcher
  • Fabrication of sensors using superconducting-ferromagnetic hybrid tunnel junctions by stencil lithography PVD (EU-FP6 SFINX);
  • Low temperature cryogenic measurements (He3, He4);
  • Integration and testing of instruments in High Vacuum;
  • Data analysis and modeling (Origin, Fortran, C++);
  • Instrument interfacing (Visual Basic, LabView); 
Sep '01 Dec '04CEA, Nanomagnetism and Spintronics group, Saclay, FR;
research engineer
  • Cleanroom nano fabrication and characterization of magnetic devices using thin film deposition, lithography, Ar milling and RIE;
  • Electric and magnetic measurements of nanostructures and atomic contacts at low temperatures (4.2K) under high vacuum;
  • Micromagnetic simulations.