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Hi-WAVE at 2.45 GHZ

The Hi-Wave microwave collisional plasma source has been designed to sustain over-dense microwave plasma from 1 Pa to a few 10 Pa and from a few watt whatever the gas.

Sairem has received the 2015 Innovation award of the French Vacuum Society for this new development.


Microwave driven plasma is ideally suited for PE-CVD. However, only a proper design of the µ-wave power supply chain make industrial application of these processes possible. The Hi-Wave sources are one of the corner stones of a new design concept: microwave plasma for industry.


The Hi-Wave source can sustain plasma at power levels starting from a few W. The source was designed to avoid power losses and to be used without any tuning system, that allows very high transmission efficiencies > 95 % on a wide operating condition range. In a multi-source set up, Hi-Wave is ideal for the treatment of large surfaces. Each unit is connected to its own solid state generator and can be independently controlled with 1 W increment.


In our laboratory we use Hi-Wave sources mainly for nano-crystalline diamond coating. For this process it is operated contiunously for 20 hours. During process, a gas mixture containing mainly H2 and CH4 is used, but the system also allows to run the preparative steps, using Ar only or O2 without any changes, other then the gas supply. The distances between individual Hi-Wave sources can be adapted to generate contant plasma density on a flat plain.


Innovation Prize for Sairem's Hi-Wave

Hi-Wave source

Hi-Wave plasma


We currently adapt the Hi-Wave sources to be used in our large diagrnostic reactor. Here it will be used to generate a large area plasma in reactive gases to study surface modification processes such as passivation, activation, cleaning.


The Hi-Wave source we use in the Plasma Surface Engineering group are purchased with internal BFH-TI funds, and currently used within the CTI Nano-Diamond and SATW Plassitec projects.

Hi-Wave at ICPIG 2015
Hi-Wave at ICPIP 2015
Hi-Wave at SVMT 2015


 NeoCoat SA, La Chaux de Fonds, CH

Sairem SAS, France