Vacuum furnace Schmetz IU 72/1H/2RV/6bar


Quench hardening and tempering, Cryogenic treatment, Annealing, Brazing etc.


  • Max. Temperature: 1350°C
  • High-pressure gas quenching with nitrogen (up to 6 bars) or argon
  • Atmospheres: Ar, N2, Atmospheric pressure or partial pressure (from 2 to 100 mbar), low vacuum (1x10-3 mbar), high vacuum (5x10-5 mbar)
  • Possibility of integrated cryogenic treatment down to -180°C


Maximum size of parts to be treated: 400mm x 400mm x 600 mm, Maximum weight: 200 kg

Process documentation:

Process parameters like pressure, furnace temperature, sample temperatures (3 thermocouples) are recorded and saved in xls-format.