Materials Technology & Heat Treatment

Welcome on the webpage of the research group "Materials Technology & Heat Treatment"

Our group is engaged in the field of materials technology and heat treatment of metallic materials. Heat treatment is a crucial step in the manufacturing process of high-quality components and tools in order to get optimum properties and durability of these items. Understanding of the relationship between materials processing, microstructure and properties is the key for continuous improvement of materials and manufacturing processes.

We accompany and support industrial partners in optimising their manufacturing and heat treatment processes.

Our core competences include:

  • General heat treatment (including vacuum hardening and cryogenic treatment)
  • Thermochemical treatment
  • Heat treatment equipment
  • Use of protective and reactive gases
  • Furnace brazing
  • Materials and failure analysis
  • Materials testing


Tool steels, Stainless steels, Case hardening steels, Nitriding steels, Precious metals, Copper alloys, Aluminium and Titanium alloys, Cobalt alloys