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In a collaboration with the group of toxinology of the Labor Spiez processes for the fabrication of a microfluidic system for the detection of Botulinum Toxines shall be developed.


In this project the processes for manufacturing a microfluidic system with an included measurement system based on local impedance spectroscopy shall be developed.


Working out the basics for structuration with SU-8 and subsequent molding
Experimental characterisation of the liquid behavior in the microfluidic system
Integration of impedance spectroscopy into the microfluidic system
Experiments regarding the possibilities for the formation of astable  lipid bilayer necessary for the detection of Botulinum toxines


Our experiments revealed that the measurement principle and our setup is suited to detect temporal processes inliquids and emulsions.


In a first step, the SU-8 and molding processes could already be established. Work in progress…


Funding through:

armasuisse w+T


armasuisse W1T ; Switzerland