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Local Impedance Spectroscopy

By means of local impedance spectroscopy it shall be evaluated to what extend this method can be applied as a tool for quality control in the field of food technologies or toxicology of tissues.


Aim of the project is to gain information about possible application fields of local impedance spectroscopy


Concept and Realisation of a setup for loacal impedance spectroscopy, measurements on different food and tissue samples, evaluation of the influence of the surface structure of metal electrodes used for impedance spectroscopy


Our experiments revealed that the measurement principle and our setup is suited to detect temporal processes inliquids and emulsions.

Local Impedance Spectroscopy


In a next step the impedance spectroscopy setup shall be integrated into a microfluid system. Work in progress…


Funding through:

armasuisse w+T


armasuisse W1T ; Switzerland