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Research is done by people! Here you'll find the contact data of the members of our institute. We'll be glad to answer your inquiries.

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Lino Insom
BFH-TI µ-technology
Marine Le Quang
BFH-TI µ-technology
Justine Le Douaron
Process controlBFH-TI µ-technology

Nathan Gyger

Mechanical designBFH-TI µ-technology
(B) Bachelor work

Alps in pictures

ALPS on stairs january 2015

ALPS meeting june 2016 at BFH-AHB

Beat Neuenschwander at ALPS meeting june 2016

Marcel Baak at ALPS meeting june 2016

Exchange with Texas Tech University / here actually traveling to Washington (2015)

Patrick Schwaller at ALPS meeting june 2016

Thin Films group

Valerio Romano at ALPS meeting june 2016

Best student presentation award for Yiming Zhang at LAMON 2016

working in cleanroom