Benjamin Lauer

Experimental studies of ultrashort laser pulsed and interaction with matter

group: one of the Alps groups
Institute: ALPS
PhD supervisor at BFH: Beat Neuenschwander

PhD school: Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg 

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Pestalozzistr 20
3400 Burgdorf

Office Phone:+41 (0)34 426 41 84

Ultra short laser pulses often are the tool of choice when high requirements concerning machining quality are demanded. But for industrial use the process has also to be efficient, meaning that the removal rate (ablated volume per time and average power) should be as high as possible. Many publications deal with the threshold fluence and the removal rate for various materials but often use different methods and beam parameters to determine these values. To demonstrate the influence of the different methods, the removal rate for steel and copper was determined for different pulse durations and different spot sizes using the methods.