collaboration and networking

Successful applied research and development requires strong links to industry, as final user, and research as source of inspiration for new solutions. ALPS is lucky to be integrated in a rich and variate network of international partners.

Collaboration with Alemnis AG for the development of in-situ nano-indentation.
Collaboration with Ionautics AB for the development of pulsed high voltage supplies

Collaboration with Platit AG in the area of hard coating development

Collaboration with NeoCoat in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, CH, for the development of nano crystalline diamond thin films.
Alps collaborates with Sairem, FR, in the area of the development of microwave plasma sources. Sairem received the SFV Innovation award 2015 for the micro-wave sources Alps uses.
Application laboratory for Time Bandwidth Products
Alps collaborates with Mantis Depostion, UK,  in the area of thin film deposition processes and equipment.