ALPS know how for Medical Technology

We can support the Medical Technology industry in several ways and fields:


Surface analysis / protective coatings / corrosion testing / Laser surface structuring


MEMS-based sensor development

Quality assurance 

materials testing / setting up test procedures / chemical composition/ topography / microscopy / metallography / structural analysis 

Medical Plasma treatment

Development and test of plasma sources


Surface properties / topography / corrosion / surface coating / structuring and modification.
We also maintain a close collaboration with Eric Rosset (HEPIA)


Laser micro-machining


CVD and PVD coatings, Heat treatment of materials, microstructures by Lasers


Also check the skills and facilities of our Institute for Human Centered Engineering

Beyond the specific know-how of ALPS, the Techniques & Informatics department of the Berner Fachhochschule offers know-how in an extremely large variety of fields. In the field of MedTech the BFH centre for Technologies in Sports and Medecine and the institute for Human centered engineering have to mentionned specially.

We are therefore able to offer integrated solutions requiring know-how in different fields, including electronics, sensors, automation, robotics and data management. Don't hesitate to contact ALPS or our technology transfer for more detailed information on possible "problem solving".