Material analysis and characterization

Material science is often the main topic in development, construction and quality assurance of technical devices. Material analysis can help to have a better understanding of the chemical and physical properties of the materials. Very often the surface of the material is the most important region of interest.

Today the technical possibilities characterizing material are almost unlimited. The most important thing is always asking the right questions. Once the question, and hence the desired information, is clear, one has to choose the most suitable analytical method. We can characterize materials and especially surface regions of different kind of materials, and can advise you on all aspects of material and surface analysis. Just contact us, preferably by Email (see on the right). 

Our complete infrastructure can be found in the infrastructure section

Examples of information you might need:

Bulk analysis of materials (elemental composition)

Compositional Depth Profile: from surface to bulk

Topography measurements

Microstructure of your surface

Surface-analysis of thin films


Thickness of your coating

metallographic information

  • Interface insight of a coating or interlayer
  • Surface composition of a failed substrate
  • Fracture surface analysis
  • Material comparisons

Beyond the specific know-how of ALPS, the Techniques & Informatics department of the Berner Fachhochschule offers know-how in an extremely large variety of fields. In the field of Materials & surface analysis BFH-AHB, BFH-HAFL and BFH-HKB have to be mentioned specially.

Examples of analysis results

1 AFM instrument

2 GDOES crater

3 wood cells

4 typical N Concentration profile in nitrided steel

5 failure analysis

6 surface of a precious stone, by AFM

7 molten material, after laser impact