Institute for Applied Laser, Photonics and Surface Technologies

The institute for Applied Laser, Photonics and Surface Technologies is a research institute of the BFH-TI. Our main research activity is to develop new methods and techniques for saving energy and material during the production of materials and their analysis. We work jointly with our industrial partners to whom we provide solutions for improving the production efficiency of goods, ensuring quality maintenance.  

The working field of the Institute of Applied Laser, Photonics and Surfaces Technology ALPS is chiefly state of the art of materials surface processing.

For this task we are using modern laser, plasma and heat treatment technologies, fiber technologies (fiber lasers, beam delivery, fiber manufacturing), as well as standard deposition techniques as e-beam evaporation and sputtering. Clean room facilities allow the fabrication of microsystems and microfluidic devices.

CTI, SNF and EU founded projects as well as bilateral projects with companies allow ALPS currently to finance 17 collaborators ( scientific collaborators, research assistants, technicians) by third party funding. The research activities are guided by the six professors of the institute with permanent positions.

Currently the institute is headed by Prof. Dr. Patrick Schwaller, Prof. Dr. Marcel Baak is the deputy head.