Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Since beginning of 2016 ALPS has a Woollam M2000 for spectroscopic ellipsometry at one’s disposal.
Spectroscopic ellipsometry allow the determination of optical properties of bulk and coatings as well as a determination of coating thickness of transparent or semi-transparent coatings.

Informative introduction about the method can be found at the manufacturers websites:

Scientific computing


Typical application fields of spectroscopic ellipsometry are:

  • Determination of complex refractive index of metals, semiconductors, conductive organics and dielectric materials
  • Determination of complex refractive index and thickness of dielectric multilayer systems
  • In-situ monitoring of thickness and optical properties of thin films during deposition


Type:Woollam M2000X rotating compensator Ellipsometer (PSCrA)
Wavelength:245 – 1690 nm
Angle of Incidence: between 45° up to 90° (automatized angle setting)
Possibility of mounting the ellipsometer to vacuum chamber via CF flanges

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